RNAClub2014 September 19, 2014 / Prague

Regulation of gene expression, RNA editing, RNA degradation and quality control, noncoding RNAs, pre-mRNA splicing, structure and molecular dynamics of RNA, RNA synthesis, RNA in development, RNA viruses, translational control and much more…



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Keynote speakers

Dr. Ciaran Condon

Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimique, CNRS, Paris, FR
Keynote: Sequence specific mRNA 'decapping' in Bacillus subtilis. RNA maturation and degradation pathways principally in bacteria.

Dr. Xavier Darzacq

CNRS UMR8197, Institut de Biologie de l'ENS, IBENS, Paris, FR
Keynote: Disecting transcription regulation using single molecule imaging. Spatial organization of chromatin and RNA polymerase II in the nucleus.


Zuzana Cvačková

Institute of Molecular Genetics, ASCR
Institute of Molecular Genetics, ASCR
Prague, CZ
cvackova@ img.cas.cz, +420  296 443 119, Fax: +420  224 310 955

Libor Krásný

Institute of Microbiology
Prague, CZ
krasny@biomed.cas.cz, +420  241 063 208, Fax: +420  241 722 257

David Staněk

Institute of Molecular Genetics, ASCR
Institute of Molecular Genetics, ASCR
Prague, CZ
stanek@img.cas.cz, +420  296 443 118, Fax: +420  224 310 955

Welcome note

The goal of RNA Club is to bring together enthusiastic researchers from the Czech Republic as well as the neighboring countries to discuss the cutting edge research on RNA biology. Furthermore, we hope that the RNA club will serve to stimulate scientific exchange and create opportunities for new collaborations among the participants.

Prague is honored to host RNA researches from middle Europe once again after last year successful meeting in Brno.


General conference topics

  • regulation of gene expression
  • RNA editing
  • RNA degradation and quality control
  • noncoding RNAs
  • RNAi
  • pre-mRNA splicing
  • structure and molecular dynamics of RNA
  • RNA in development
  • RNA viruses
  • translational control

You can taste a bit of the meeting in a vitrual way here:


RNA Club Awards

Again, valuable prizes for the best contributions to the RNA Club Meeting by young researchers (students and post-doctoral fellows under the age of 35) will be awarded during the evening’s banquet!

  • RNA Society Award*: providing membership to the RNA Society (including access to the RNA Journal) and a substantial support (registration fee + 1000 USD) for attending RNA 2015, the 20th Annual Meeting of the RNA Society.
  • two additional 2015 Memberships** to the RNA Society (including access to the RNA Journal) + 2000 CZK prize money 
  • awards are sponsored by the RNA Society

RNA Society

*This prize is reserved for members of Czech labs only
**open to all participants


Accommodation is not covered by the conference fee but for those who will need accommodation we can arrange it upon request in the Emmy Residence. Prizes are 1100,- CZK / 1 bed; 1500,- CZK / 2 bed per night. The Emmy Residence is located within walking distance of the conference hall (5-10 minutes).

Conference venue

Institute of Molecular Genetics, ASCR, Institute of Molecular Genetics, ASCR, Prague

Vídeňská 1083, 14220 Prague, CZ
GPS: 50.0171699524, 14.4657697678
Institute of Molecular Genetics, ASCR
Institute of Molecular Genetics, ASCR
Prague, CZ
Lat: 50.0171699524
Lon: 14.4657697678

Transport & parking

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  • SpinChem

Golden sponsors

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Platinum sponsors

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