RNAClub2023 October 27, 2023 / Olšina, Polná na Šumavě

Regulation of gene expression, RNA editing, RNA degradation and quality control, noncoding RNAs, pre-mRNA splicing, structure and molecular dynamics of RNA, RNA synthesis, RNA in development, RNA viruses, translational control and much more…



RNA Club 2023

Dear RNA Friends,

We are pleased to announce that the RNA 2023 Club will be held on October 27 at the Olšina Resort in South Bohemia at the foothills of the Šumava mountains. The scientific program will be a one-day event as usual, but this year there will be a highly recommended option to stay overnight and fully enjoy the social part of the event and the beautiful surroundings of the resort. 

Please save the date. Registration will open soon, we will keep you posted.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there.

The organizers.


The programme of the conference is available in the Documents section.

The time slots for talks are 15 minutes (12 min + 3 min discussion), invited talks are scheduled for 40 minutes (30 min +10 min).

We announce three Young Scientist's Awards (up to 35 years old), each with a prize of 200 EUR:

1) Prize for the best talk selected by a scientific committee 

2) Prize for the best poster selected by a scientific committee 

3) Prize for the best presentation (talk or poster) selected by vote of the participants up to 35 years of age.

Keynote speakers

Sebastian Glatt

Sebastian Glatt

Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, PL

Michal Kolář

Michal Kolář

Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, CZ


Ondřej Gahura

Institute of Parasitology
Biology Centre, CAS
České Budějovice, CZ

Zdeněk Paris

Institute of Parasitology
Biology Centre, CAS
České Budějovice, CZ


  • Sebastian Glatt, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland 
  • Michal Kolář, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic


  • Regulation of gene expression
  • Pre-mRNA splicing
  • RNA editing
  • RNA-mediated epigenetics
  • RNA degradation and quality control
  • Canonical and Non-canonical nucleic acid structures
  • Translational control
  • RNA capping
  • Noncoding RNAs
  • RNAi and microRNAs
  • RNA therapy
  • RNA viruses
  • And more!

Conference venue

Resort Olšina, Olšina, Polná na Šumavě

Olšina, Polná na Šumavě, CZ
GPS: 48.7791709900, 14.0927515030


Resort Olšina
Olšina, Polná na Šumavě, CZ
Lat: 48.7791709900
Lon: 14.0927515030

By car: 2.5 hours from Prague, 3-3.5 hours from Brno, 45 min from České Budějovice.

Free parking is available at the venue.

By train: Train from České Budějovice to Hodňov. Departure 8:12, arrival 9:40. Station Hodňov is 10 min by easy walk from the venue. UPDATE: Trains from České Budějovice are partially suspended and replaced by buses between the stops Kájov and Hodňov. Expect delays on arrival.

Connection from Prague: https://idos.idnes.cz/vlakyautobusymhdvse/spojeni/vysledky/?date=27.10.2023&time=06:00&f=Praha&fc=1&t=Hod%C5%88ov&tc=100003



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